Mission Statement

The mission of the Union County Weed Board is to serve as responsible stewards of Union County; protecting and conserving our agricultural lands, natural resources, wildlife habitat and wilderness areas from the invasion and proliferation of exotic noxious weeds.The Union County Weed Department strives to represent the interest of all landowners and land users in Union County. We are working to establish and maintain an integrated vegetation management approach toward the control of noxious weeds within our boundaries.

Why manage noxious weeds?

Noxious weeds threaten Eastern Oregon’s irreplaceable resources. These non-native, invasive species threaten our agricultural base, rangelands, waterways, parks, wildlife habitat, property values, public health and safety, and the diversity of our native ecosystems.

While the economic effects of noxious weeds on agriculture are enormous, their effects on the natural resources and ecological diversity of Eastern Oregon compound those losses. Noxious weed infestations are the second leading cause of wildlife habitat loss. These resources, once destroyed, are irreplaceable.

Spotted Knap Weed OneYellow Star Thistle

Union County Owner Will Maintain Agreement
This program, which is an agreement between landowners and the Union County Public Works Department, means that the Public Works department will not use herbicides along the land owner’s property line adjacent to the county right-of-way, and that the land owner will be responsible for vegetation control and prevention. To participate in this program, please click on the link below, fill out the form and return it to the address on the form. Signs for land owners will be provided. – Download the Owner Will Maintain Agreement

Union County Noxious Weed List – Updated by the Board of Commissioners under recommendation from the Union County Weed Control Advisory Board, Spring 2019.

Union County Noxious Weed List 2019

Noxious Weed Details and Photos